Saturday, March 1, 2008

YTB Retention Rate Chart

Check out this amazing chart on YTB's Retention Rate...

As many of you may already be aware of YTB is now showing the network marketing industry that their business model is what people have long been looking for, while most companies are experiencing Drop out rates of 97%, take a look at YTB's retention.
The following chart is the results of the numbers found on the SEC filings.

While other MLM’s are tagged for retention rates of 2%-3%, YTB has an astounding retention rate of 70%-74% over a three year period of time!

That’s absolutely ASTOUNDING for traditional business models let alone Network Marketing! Granted, the number of people who do drop out of the business rises year after year, which is due to attrition. (9088 for 2005, 20,635 for 2006, and 44,544 so far in 2007)

But to have THIS kind of percentage of people still working the business is just going to blow the lid off what some of the Anti-MLM’ers “think” about our model.

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