Monday, March 10, 2008

Change Your Life in Only Minutes a Day

I'm going to ask you to this next part on faith alone. When you do, I believe you'll see amazing results. You're going to set goals like you've never done before. You may be saying to yourself, "Not that goal stuff again." Think about it. Since successful people talk about goal setting over-and-over, perhaps there's something to it. Look where they are and then look where you are. If you see them and wish you could change places, get out a pen and a piece of paper.

What you are about to read is probably different that anything you've ever been told about setting goals. Many of you who have heard the "goal speech" before, remember being told to set realistic and attainable goals. Unfortunately, that often keeps you from driving toward what you really want.

Ask yourself, "was landing on the moon a realistic goal?" "Was finding cures for polio and other diseases realistic?" How about skyscrapers, jets, submarines, Olympic Gold medals, or any other accomplishments? Were any of those, or thousands of other things that make your life better, realistic? Then, if you were to go for great success like those who accomplished the preceding did, why would you set a single "realistic" goal? Realistic is whatever you believe!

Open your mind. Set aside 20 minutes tonight before you go to bed. Take a few pieces of paper and a pen and write 101 of the most outrageous goals your mind can come up with. Don't concern yourself with any details. Just keep on writing. When you clear your mind and focus on what you want, you'll surprise yourself with what you come up with.

Keep the list handy and review it often. Whenever you are deciding whether or not to do something, take out the list, read it, and ask yourself, "Will doing this bring me closer to any of my goals?" Once you determine whether or not doing something will help you reach your goals, your decision becomes easier. Will taking that action keep you on-track or take you off-track.

The above is from the book, "If they say No, just say Next!" by John Fuhrman

What's stopping you from making your list right now?

What's stopping you from achieving every single one of the 101 Outrageous Goals on your list?

Chase the Dream and Enjoy the Journey,

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