Sunday, March 2, 2008

a J.O.B.

I am reading a GREAT little book right now called "Shoot for the Stars" by Pete Billac and I wanted to take a minute to share with you some great nuggets I found from my reading today.

A J.O.B.
I don't mean to "fault" those of you for having a job; most of the people int he world have a job and they are necessary for this world to survive. I just feel that what is termed "normal" is lacking.

We are taught to get an education, get a JOB, marry, have kids, bring them to adulthood, hopefully become a grandparent - then die!
That's the "normal" life cycle most people go through. But now there are OPTIONS and you can start on a part-time basis trying to be your own boss.

He goes on to say on the next couple of pages this...

I'm trying to help those of you who want to be your OWN boss, to become financially independent, to find a business that gives you the best CHANCE possible to reach that goal. This book will tell you HOW to do that.

I don't want you to get up early, DRIVE to your JOB in heavy traffic, and if you get sick or tired or just don't FEEL likeworking to HAVE to work. I want "mom" there when the kids get off from school; no relative or babysitter or nanny can do what mom does. And I want dad to spend time WITH his wife and kids; that's a HOME and not a house.

You see, your JOB pays what is termed LINEAR income; when YOU stop work, the MONEY stops. Let's look into the type of income I favor, and I'll tell you why. Let's find out the meaning of...RESIDUAL INCOME.

It's YOUR Life and YOUR future...what will you do with it?

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