Friday, March 28, 2008

Residual Income

I've mentioned product several times, and will probably get "back" to it again. The product must be what "the masses" want or need. It must be a consumable (or something that "the masses" use over and over again). THAT is what brings in RESIDUAL income.

Let me "touch" on HOW a good product works as far as RESIDUAL INCOME. I write books. MANY people read books. My books are listed on just about every computer in the world and are in thousands of book stores; some are in a dozen or more languages.

A few years back I went to the hospital for three days for a complete check-up. While I was AT the hospital, my books were selling. When I got out of the hospital, I had earned seventeen thousand dollars!

BECAUSE, I had a PRODUCT that "the masses" buy and I was earning RESIDUAL INCOME; the income that goes on and on if I'm asleep, on vacation, just don't "feel" like working or in the hospital for a check-up.

This doesn't happen EVERY three days, mind you, or I'd go back in the hospital for a YEAR! But it happens when you have a PRODUCT that is good. It can happen to you with these TRAVEL products.

This "word of mouth" stuff truly works. By TELLING others about your travel business, they save money and they in turn will tell others. It actually can go on and on and ON, and YOU make a REP or RTA commission EACH TIME anyone you tell, those they tell, and those THEY tell. This is called...EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. (which we will talk about more later)

~Pete Billac, "Shoot for the Stars"

Who wouldn't LOVE to make some extra money while they are sleeping? With travel on the internet it can happen, and it does happen each and every day!

There's more to come about RESIDUAL INCOME in the coming posts...

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