Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do You Love What You Do?

Let’s think on this one for a minute…

When I asked you that question did you hesitate?

Even for a minute?

Do you feel like you are doing what you were put on this earth to do?

What would it feel like if you were?

Seriously…what would it feel like?

Can you see yourself now? What about seeing yourself doing what you love to do?

What’s the difference?

Is it money?

Is it time? For yourself, your spouse, your kids…

Is it passion?

Can you honestly say that you are passionate about what you are doing?

Hear me on this…I am NOT talking about your family, raising kids, etc. I am strictly talking about your profession or source of income.

Now…switch gears with me here…

Picture yourself in a place where money was no object, time was no object, and you could do what you wanted. (Are you picturing it with me?)

What would you do?

Would you travel the world?

Would you put your kids in private school?

Would you quit your job and stay home full time?

Would you buy that “Dream House” you’ve had tucked away in the back of your head every since you were little?

Would you buy a new car?

Dream with me here for a minute…now, imagine all these dreams coming true. Would you be willing to spend some time NOW in order to make all those dreams happen? I know I would.

Take some time RIGHT NOW and start DREAMING
. Start writing out those dreams that you have had hidden in your heart and have buried and lost over time. Dig them out, unpack them from your Hope Chest, and get excited!

If you do this you will begin to smile a little more, you will have some hope, and you will see that there is an opportunity out there waiting just for YOU!

Loving What I Do,

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