Sunday, April 27, 2008

Have Fun

There are basically two types of activities; those you enjoy doing and those you don't. From the grim faces of the office warriors commuting to and from work each day, it's safe to say that for most people work falls into the second category.

No so in this business. Network marketers enjoy what they're doing - mostly because they have control over their time, their incomes, and their life. They know that when the going gets tough, they are still better off than the average worker, who is pummeled by long hours, demanding employers, office politics, and salary increases that trail inflation.

If you are an executive or employer, you know that the tensions don't subside just because you're on the management team. Many will argue it gets worse, not better, because the pressure to compete is greater.

Either way, you will discover that working for yourself is a dream in itself. Not least because of the two-second commute to your office; working in the clothes you choose to wear; making appointments that avoid rush hours; enjoying quality time with your partner; playing your favorite CD in the background; being home for the kids after school; and, above all, having the freedom to decide how and when you will work.

When you work for yourself, you have no excuse not to be happy. And researchers are quick to point out that happy people are more likely to be successful.

Happiness is a mind-set. You can choose to be the type of person who lights up a room when you enter it, or you can choose to be someone who lights up the room when you leave.

Decide that building your business will be a fun experience.

Start with expectations. If you expect a Fantasy World where nothing goes wrong, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you commit to succeeding on Planet Reality, where the best plans come unstuck, appointments get cancelled, you drive ten miles in the rain to a no-show, your star recruit leaves, your brilliant prospect turns out to be a turkey, your partner phones to say he's working late when you are counting on him (or her) to'll make it to your destination.

We get what we give. Be warm and respectful to difficult and delightful customers alike. Love your demanding recruits as much as your gems. See difficult situations as character building! Don't rush. It takes just one minute to make someone feel special with your undivided attention.

Liven up your presentations. Most people would rather be entertained than lectured to. Hold fun meetings. We learn best when we're having fun. Actively seek out happy people, and cross the street to avoid the miserable and mean-spirited ones. Celebrate every milestone, no matter how small.

Stress is a major turnoff. Make sure you come across as relaxed, no matter how busy you are. Not only will you feel better; you'll look better too. There's nothing like stress for digging lines into the face, and nothing like relaxation for ironing them out.

Look for ways to increase the "fun factor" in your life and in your business, and you will become a beacon for other enthusiastic, fun-loving people who want to enjoy what they do.

Taken from the book, "Be a Network Marketing Superstar" by Mary Christensen (with Wayne Christensen)

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Jerri said...

Hello. I'm still looking through all the blogs from the party. Just wanted to say hi.

I've been looking at a variety of business ideas myself over the last several months. I've seen the travel stuff but haven't really looked it into at all. how's it going for you?