Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exponential Growth

A lot of the time I get a glazed over look when I start talking to people about the benefits of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH and how it can greatly benefit their families to build a business this way. Here is a short, sweet, and simple illustration on EXPONENTIAL GROWTH I found in a book called, "Shoot for the Stars", by Pete Billac.

In this business (YTB calls it REFERRAL MARKETING) you will hear the words "duplication" and "exponential". Let me tell you how POWERFUL these two words are. Here's my favoritre "for instance" concerning exponentail growth. It has to do with playing golf.

If you wager ONE PENNY on the first hole, then DOUBLE IT on the following 17 holes, that last BET is worth over TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Grab a calculator and see for yourself.

What this REALLY means is that if you TELL a few people each day and they tell a few who tell a few, SOON you'll have a lot of people who are working for themselves (but ALSO working for you) to help you succedd. It's so simple yet totally awesome.

By "telling" others and "training them" to tell others, you are duplicating your own efforts, and this exponential growth just happens. And your business can skyrocket.

The results can be simply amazing...I am not saying that it is always easy, but the opportunity is definitely there, for me, for you, for everyone.

The choice is yours...
what will you do?
what's stopping you from starting your new adventure right now?

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