Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is a Network Marketer?

If you are searching for that secret recipe to become a network Marketer, listen to this. You already are one, even if you don't know it. Whether at work talking to your boss, at the shopping mall bumping into your neighbor, or on the telephone catching up with a family member. It happens almost everytime someone asks for your opinion. You're a spontaneous network marketer when you say things like,"I used it and it didn't work. This one works much better"or "You've got to go there, you will love it". If you think that is not network marketing, Ask yourself this question, are you sharing information, helping people make better decisions and leading them to an improved quality of life?

That is Network Marketing, it is natural behavior for almost everyone in the human race. The only difference is you aren't being paid for it.Network Marketing is not an industry, it's a method of distribution that is used by many industries. The Direct Selling Association www.dsa.org based in Washington, D.C tracks data about network marketing companies and their reps. The DSA has very stringent membership requirements and less than 20% of network marketing companies actually are accepted. YTB has been accepted into the DSA.Network Marketing worldwide does over $100 billion dollars annually.

That is nothing to laugh at, Things are changing quickly and those of us that understand this will be a whole lot better off.

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