Thursday, July 10, 2008

Travel Tips & Ideas #2

Mel's World Travel Tips & Ideas

When going on vacation one of the ways that our family saves some serious money is by going straight to the local grocery store as soon as we unpack. It is the very first thing we do after we get settled into the resort.

We like to stay at the resorts (with a full kitchen) or a hotel that has a mini kitchen in it so we can stock up the refrigerator with family favorites (of course) but also with waters, drinks, and breakfast items.

We have a pre-made grocery list (I know, I know, we are weird that way) that we take with us so that we don't forget the things that we like to have on hand, specifically bottled water, which can cost you up to $2 each at the resort.

We also try to eat breakfast in the room, and more often than not we eat our lunch in the room as well. For four of us to eat breakfast out it will cost us anywhere from $15-20 for a drive through type place and even higher if we go out for a sit down breakfast. Lunch, as you know, tends to be a little more expensive and can run you anywhere from $20-30 for drive through, and up to $50 for a sit down lunch (for four).

The main thing is to get things at the grocery that can keep while you are there, that can be used for multiple meals/snacks, and that make you happy.

Our last vacation was 9-days at a resort in Orlando, we went to the grocery and picked up $150 worth of groceries (I have two teenage sons), but it lasted us all 9-days and we didn't have a lot left over. The bonus is that we ate breakfast (let's say $15/per day for 9 days would have cost us $135) and lunch (let's say $20/per day for 9 days would have cost us $180) at the resort every day and so even though we spent $150 for the groceries, we saved $165 on meals. Just by going to the grocery! Now that's what I call a money saving opportunity!

Happy Traveling,

PS - If you have any money saving traveling tips please email me at Mashburn Travel and I'll share them with everyone in another Travel Tips & Ideas post.

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Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hi Mel...

Love the new blog. Thanks for the money saving tips...

We did this on our beach vacation this year but weren't as organized as you. I love the idea of a pre-made grocery list.

Thanks for the tip!

And thanks for all the encouging comments over at my blog. I always smile when I see a comment from you...