Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moms Online

Moms Online: Browsing, Researching, Buying Summary

Once upon a time, marketers advertised on daytime TV and soap operas to reach mothers. Today, more than 40% of all women who go online in the US—approximately 35 million of them—are mothers who have children under 18 at home.

The Moms Online report analyzes the changing Internet habits and decision-making patterns of this all-important consumer demographic.

Moms regularly engage in parenting-related activities online, but they are also involved in other online activities such as search, entertainment and shopping.

In fact, moms rely on the Internet for purchase decisions. Upwards of two-thirds of online moms of young children research products online, so it is critical for marketers and retailers to understand the role of the Internet in their purchase decisions.

Key questions the “Moms Online” report answers:
* How many mothers are online in the US?
* What types of Web sites do they visit?
* How are moms using the Internet during the purchase process?
* What role does search play in online and offline purchase decisions?
* How does word of mouth impact moms’ shopping habits?
* And many others…

eMarketer Reports—On Target and Up to Date

The Moms Online report aggregates the latest data from marketing and communications researchers with eMarketer analysis to provide the information you need to make smart, accurate business decisions.

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